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Homage: Kim Treager 2017

The project is based on the way Kim Treager is designing. In his collection 'Run over rabbit', he made his own fairytale came to life.

So, that was exactly the way i wanted to design. I made up my own fairytale and brought it to life.


"Once upon a time, a little girl had a wiggly tooth. When she pulled it out, she was so shooked she inhaled her tooth. She was so sad because the toothfairy wouldn't come. The next morning she woke up with a pot of gold on her chest. She was so happy. As she picked up the gold, she saw that the toothfairy broke through her ribs  to get the tooth out of her lungs..."


For my design, i wanted to show the effects the toothfairy had on the little girl. She had been cut open through her chest to reach her lungs. I wanted her to be putted back together to heel. I designed a plaster korset with laced up parts with screws in it to correct her broken ribcage. 


I really liked to work with the medical aspect in my concept. I like to work with unusual objects such as korsets to get myself out of my comfortzone and create something new with it. I like the shocking effect  medical 'objects' have, en for myself find the bounderies fashion has. I did a lot of expiriments with the fabric and shape to see for myself what the possibilities were to 'fix the little girl's broken ribs.'

kt 10.jpg
kt 11.jpg

Fabric try-outs with plaster and paint to give the korset a more medical appearance.


kt 13.jpg
kt 12.jpg
kt 14.jpg
kt 15.jpg
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