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Video about the feeling of constantly being watched by social media.

                                                                                                                              Transformation dress

The dress shows the two personalities you have. It starts with the relaxed dress, which respresents your 'true self'. It is slowly transforming in your other personality 'online self'. It shows the presure and suffocation social media brings with it.

mp 3.jpg
mp 1.jpg

"I, am a child of social media.


I sustains me.

You are in control.

Restore what you find is broken and change me.


Because there is no one. Like. Me.


Everytime i lose myself in the real world,


I look back at my phone.


Scroll. Like. Adore me.


Save me because of your unfailing love.


Use to the to me unknown powers.


To shape the world of masterpieces.


I am bound together.


To my multiple personalities.

Lost in the great void of control.

I am just a tool in an uncontrolable social existence.


I have to reclaim my #Multiplepersonalities. "

The project is about the influence of social media. People are nowadays so badly influenced by social media, and you probably are not even aware of it.

You are constantly watched by other people, and are conparing yourself with others. You feel the need to be perfect, and you are looking for validation by other people. Things as 'Snapchat Dysmorphia' are the cause of growing plastic surgery to present your perfect self online.

We feel the need to show the best version of ourself in all different ways. We are losing sense with reality.

The way we are using social media can be compared with a new religion, 'Dataism'. 

Reseach and inspiration book​

                                                                                                        Try-outs with stockings

I wanted to visualize the other personality created by social media through a double layer (stockings). I wanted it to look suffocating and aware to form you as a person.

mp 6.jpg
mp 5.jpg
mp 4.jpg

Technical drawings

mp 17.jpg
mp 18.jpg
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