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The real happily ever after

Minor project: Critcal Studies


This project is about the problematic 'happily ever after'. It is a heteronormative concept that suggest finding your Prince Charming as a woman is the only goal in life to succeed and be happy, that is seen through all visuals arts but especially movies. The movie always ends when the guy gets the girl and they marry. 

Personally, I never felt this way. I've always been single and never been into dating that much. I can truly say I am happy, and I don't feel like I am missing something. My surroundings and society are projecting my happiness onto a man. I will get remarks like you will find the one eventually, and questions like why don't you have a boyfriend yet? Like I am missing something and I'm incomplete.

With my project I am using problematic scenes where the woman or their surroundings are projecting their happiness onto a man. The storyline will get switched up to end in my 'happy ever after' as a statement against this social construct.

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