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I can do all things through christ, who strengtest me

The design is made and animated in the program CLO 3D

Christian Biker is a project about the biker culture. I was inspired when i found out there were multiple christian biker clubs all over the world and i did some research. My concept is based on a true story.

The man in the story went up a mountain on his motor for a tour with his friends. On his way he noticed that his brakes were broken and was not able slow down in the turn. When he was about to crash, he motor suddenly stopped. He felt like he was saved by god.

My concept is about manipulating the biker suit in a way protection will not be needed because God has his back.

Research and inspiration book

I did a lot of research about the biker suit itself. It has a lot of functions to protects it's wearer. 

- It has protections plates on the back, elbows and knees.

- Leather is very wear-resistant if the wearer will fall.

- The suit schould be tight fitted around the body, so the leather will form perfect around the body after some time.

- The suit should be worn without clothes underneath, to be sure the plates will not move if you fall.

- The yarn is the weakest part of the suit, and that is why it is always double stitched. The yarn is not 

   very wear-resistant.

I wanted to manipulate the suit in a way it will not protect the wearer anymore. The suit shouldn't be protective if god will save him anyway.

Fabric Try-outs


I wanted to create a suit that would leave out all types of protection. God will save him anyway, so he will not need it. For my concept i wanted to use the stitching because it would actually be the strongest part of the suit, if you replaced leather by a fragile fabric and leave the plates out of the suit. I wanted the stitching to symbolize the fact God would save him. I tried different types of stitching with and without boning. The boning would cause the suit to stand up from the skin, what would cause the suit to be even more unsave.


Try-outs are made from different materials as leather, cotton, silk organza and organza. I wanted to test how i could adapt different stitching types with and without boning.

Technical drawings final suit

For my concept I wanted to show that the man was saved by god. So, for my final piece I wanted to make a black suit with a fragile fabric, leave the portection pieces out and put boning between the stitching. 

A biker suit in reconigzable by their stitching, and different layers of fabric. I wanted to play with that aspect to still give the suit the look as a biker suit even when the main points were gone. I made the stitching gold because it reminds me of Catholicism. 

If you take a close look, you can see that all the stitchings form crosses around the parts where the protection plates used to be. I left all the protection out of the suit, and wanted to symbolize that God is protecting him with the crosses.

4:13 Phillipians

I can do all things through christ who strengtest me.

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