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Zero waste denim


Technical drawings on Illustrator

denim 1.jpg
denim 2.jpg

I have been recycling two total jeans into a new piece of clothing. I reused all the different parts, and even the labels. I think it is important as a fashion designer to experiment with recycling materials. The fashion industry in very polluting for the earth and we all schould look for alternative ways to make clothing more sustainable.


I bleached and dyed the jeans to make the jeans less reconizable. I used the waistband of both jeans to create a belt around the waist. The top part, and the sleeves are a complete jeans. The skirt part is also a complete jeans draped around the hips. The pockets, labels and zippers are replaced to make this dress.  I used hand stitching with wool on different places on the dress to sew it together, and give it an overall look.

Fabric Try-outs with dye, bleach and stitching

zw 1.jpg
zw 2.jpg
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